Welcome to Memory Lawn Memorial Park

Care until the end of time... That is the promise of Memory Lawn Memorial Park. Located just south of San Marcos on Highway 80, Memory Lawn Memorial Park is the only perpetual care cemetery in Hays, Caldwell and Guadalupe Counties.

Memory Lawn Memorial Park was established in the 1960's as a perpetual care cemetery. The Pennington Funeral Home family purchased the 40 acres in 1978 and continued the tradition of care and maintenance of the cemetery. Since its establishment, the cemetery has grown from two beautifully maintained gardens to six gardens. Each garden has its own charm.

The Garden of the Cross was opened to please the families with a Catholic background and the Garden of the Christus was presented as a garden for all denominations. The Veteran Garden was established to ensure that veterans in the surrounding counties would have an option to remain in their hometown instead of being buried in a National Cemetery. The Garden of the Prayer was a compliment to the Garden of the Christus and the Garden of the Cross Annex is a part of the Garden of the Cross. The Garden of Serenity was built to house a wonderful pavilion for all families to have their graveside services, as well as, to house a rock wall with niches for our cremation families.

Although Memory Lawn Memorial Park is still a bronze on granite park, we do offer an upright granite marker garden in the Serenity Garden and flat granite markers are available in parts of the Serenity Garden.

Acquiring spaces at Memory Lawn Memorial Park is an easy process and our prices are one of the lowest in comparison to other perpetual care cemeteries. All of our markers are inclusive... they include the design, name, dates, emblems and setting fees in the price. There are no hidden charges.